Embossings are often carved on envelopes, letterheads, etc. While they are popular and often used together with a signature outside Japan, many Japanese find them unfamiliar. Maybe, many of them have yet to learn how to use them. One use, for instance, is to carve an embossing on your name card or envelope, in place of your signature. Also, your initials and your fiance's embossed on an invitation to your wedding makes the invitation card look classier to the recipient. Yet another use is to create your own original embossing, by combining your initials with a pattern of your choice. Try it on a present or its wrapper to make it look even better. Just a single embosser goes a long way since it can adorn numerous items. MIDORI's embosser is a hot seller with both men and women. Its ease of use and simple design have caught on with numerous users. The embosser itself can make a fine present.