Briefing on event

In fall this year, a special event will be held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of MD PAPER PRODUCTS®.

The venue will be filled with “MD Paper,” from paper drapes to beautiful writing paper, making a space that celebrates the pleasure of writing/drawing. We will also be offering a range of items uniquely for the event that inspire creativity such as paper desks, scrolls and blocks.

During the event, a workshop is also planned as an opportunity to experience the ease and comfort of writing on “MD paper.” We hope to see you there.

This event has been closed.


Time and date

Thursday - Tuesday, 12-17 October, 2017
12:00 - 20:00

This event has been closed.




8-3-2 Okusawa Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Japan
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Special Event

Live drawing

Everyone who makes a purchase of 3,240 yen (including tax) or more in 2days will be entitled to have their portrait drawn by illustrator Adrian Hogan.

Date and Time

Saturday October 14 to Sunday 15, 2017(2days)

Adrian Hogan

An artist and illustrator from Melbourne, he works in a wide range of areas including magazines, advertising, books and storyboards. His main work includes the magazine “POPEYE,” the Nihon TV guidebook, Clash of Clans advertisements, and the text of the magazine FUJINGAHO.

Time and date

Thursday - Tuesday, 9-14 November, 2017
10:00 - 18:00

This event has been closed.


by Kyoto University of Art and Design


397 Shinkaicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto
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Shop: (81)75-343-3217
Cafe: (81)75-343-3215


Special Workshop

“MD Paper” “Shakyo” experience

Paper will be provided especially for the event at the shop/cafe for you to try shakyo (temple-style calligraphy) printing. Enjoy the comfort of printing on “MD paper” while enjoying your tea. Please feel free to Participate.


Date and Time

Saturday November 11 to Sunday 12, 2017 (2days)
11:00-12:00, 15:00-18:00 (LO 17:00)


500yen+tax (includes tea)


Date and Time

Saturday November 11 to Sunday 12, 2017(2days)


500yen+tax (includes drink sold in the shop)

Event sale items

“MD Paper” bulk sale

Blocks of “MD Paper” in your favorite sizes, 100g/80yen+tax!
*Home delivery available


MD Paper Desk

Just as the name suggests, a desk made of “MD paper.” Available with or without legs.
*Delivered to your home within days

MD Paper Desk 6,000yen+tax
MD Paper Desk with Desk Legs 15,000yen+tax

“MD PAPER” Folded - Blank / Gridded A4 11-pack

Blank, Gridded
The first process in production of “MD Paper” is “folding.” This is folded “MD Paper.” It may also be unfolded for flat use.

Each 800yen+tax

MD PAPER Wall Calendar

Large size calendar in the same format as the monthly scheduling blocks of the “MD Notebook Diary”

[M] 1,500yen+tax
[L] 2,000yen+tax

MD PAPER Roll Paper 5m

Roll-type “MD Paper” that allows you to take out just the amount you need. Can also be used as a scroll!

[S] 900yen+tax
[M] 1,500yen+tax
[L] 2,500yen+tax

Notebook [A6] Blank Twin

The A6 Notebook is produced in a twin set. It is a twin “MD Notebook” linked just before the edges.


MD Paper 100piece

“MD Paper” allows utmost flexibility to the user.

[A3] 1,200yen+tax
[A5 Cotton] 500yen+tax
[A3 Cotton] 1,500yen+tax

MD PAPER Pad Cotton [A3]

The popular A3 size Paper Pad will be on sale (currently only available overseas through Midori Online Store)

[Blank] 1,400yen+tax
[Cotton] 1,500yen+tax

MD Pencil 6pcs

These acclaimed export-only pencils designed to match the “MD Notebook” will be available during the event only.


The pop-up shop will also be selling the full “MD Paper Products” line-up and MIDORI ONLINE STORE only items.

About brand

MD PAPER PRODUCTS® are simple, Japan-made products that are designed for writing. “MD paper” is an original quality writing paper for diaries developed in the 1960s and improved since, designed for ease of writing. The “MD Notebook” was launched in January 2008 as a product to fully capture the quality and appeal of this paper.

The “MD Notebook” uses paper that resists blotting or seep-through, has a simple and user-friendly form that opens up flat thanks to the use of thread sewn binding, and features ample margins on pages. The “MD Notebook” has a pure and simple appearance, striking the perfect balance of writing comfort and stylish materials.

Further products to enhance your writing pleasure include sticky memos for use in the notebook and subtle notebook accessories such as notebook covers, bags, and paper and envelopes with creative margin designs.