There is a reason for margins.

Featuring monthly schedule pages and 385 free pages, this diary allows you to record enough memories to fill a dictionary.

It appeals with its ample margins and easy-to-use format. Use it to record your thoughts and inspirations.


The composition of the diary includes the monthly schedule in a block layout and 385 free pages.

The free pages feature a layout for managing your schedule on the left with hours marked from 8:00 AM to midnight, and a space on the right for recording your diary or sketches.

The seven points can be used freely to match your style, such as making to-do lists or listing your schedule from 1:00 to 7:00 AM.

The ample margins can be filled completely with daily happenings or sketches.

The margins contain faint lines coming through from the schedule section on the previous page, which you can use for a guide when writing.

The diary includes stickers printed with the months from January through December, and blank stickers for use in categorizing entries any way you like.

The right-side page includes marks so that you can paste the stickers neatly along the edge.


MD Notebook Diary
1Day 1Page 2018 [A6]


MD Notebook Diary
1Day 1Page 2018 [A5]



A6 A5
Size H154×W112×D23mm H216×W157×D23mm
Weight approx.294g approx.594g
Inner Paper Annual calendar 2 pages / Monthly schedule (December 2017 ~ January 2019) 28 pages / Free page 1 page for 1 day 385 pages … Total 415 pages
Specifications Front Cover : PVC / Thread-stitched book-binding / 2 Bookmark strings / Index Label (12 sheets with number, 12 plain sheets)

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