There is a reason for margins.

This simple and easy to use diary, based on the “MD Notebook”, is designed to encourage user creativity.

It appeals with its ample margins and easy-to-use format. Use it to record your thoughts and inspirations.


This diary contains a monthly schedule in a block layout, a two page spread horizontal-ruled notes area split into eight sections that can be used as a weekly schedule, and an unlined notes section.

Combine it with the MD Sticky Memo Pad where you can write down your daily inspirations to record your year in an even more deeply colored fashion.

The monthly schedule includes ample margins around the page. Use this area to freely record not just text but sketches and illustrations as well.

Use the margins to add notes and to-do lists, and to sketch out ideas to go along with your monthly schedule.

Useful for recording notes, this design also allows you to use each of the eight sections separately. You can also use it for a full year for recording your weekly schedules over a two page spread.

Use this section to free your imagination by recording ideas and sketches, or by using the two page spread as a single canvas.

The diary includes a label and bookplate.

The label is printed with the year (‘17) and the word DIARY. Affix the label to the spine of the diary.

The bookplate can be filled in with your name or signature, the date you begin using the diary, or your goals for the year, and affixed to the inside of the cover or on the title page.



MD Notebook Diary
2018 [A6]


MD Notebook Diary
2018 [B6 Slim]


MD Notebook Diary
2018 [A5]


MD Notebook Diary
2018 [A4 Variant]



A6 B6 Slim A5 A4 Variant
Size H148×W105×D10mm H175×W105×D10mm H210×W148×D10mm H275×W210×D10mm
Weight approx.134g approx.152g approx.258g approx.478g
Inner Paper 2 pages : Annual calendar /
28 pages : Monthly schedule (December 2017 - January 2019) /
113 pages : 8 divided memo (the width of ruled line 7mm) /
32 pages : plain memo … Total 175 pages
Cover Paraffin paper
Specifications Bookmark string / Label stickers / Thread-stitched book-binding

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