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MD Paper Products™ are classic, Japanese-made products that use the inherent appeal of paper to enhance the writing experience.

We have continued to explore the unique qualities of MD Paper™ since the 1960's in order to continually refine the writing feel that enhances the value of taking pen to paper.

Universal quality can inevitably be found by focusing on the true characteristics of a product. We will continue to redefine and refine MD Paper through the creation of a wide range of products.


Paper, Refined

Since our beginnings in the 1960’s
We have been developing original
writing paper To cultivate the unique
sounds of writing by hand.



Commitment to craft

That delivers paper of the utmost appeal,
Removing every last excess
To ensure products of the highest standard


Product Lineup

  1. MD Message Letter Pad, MD Card, is newly added to our product lineup.
  2. PDF 2020 Calendar is newly added to our download page.
  3. MD Notebook Diary, MD Notebook Diary 1Day 1Page, MD Diary Sticker, MD Calendar is newly added to our product lineup.
  4. MD Notebook Bag Chita Cotton <F3 Variant>, MD Tote Bag Chita Cotton, is newly added to our product lineup.
  5. MD Notebook Cotton F Size and MD Pencil Drawing Kit, MD Notebook Journal, MD Diary Sticker Free is newly added to our product lineup.