MD Notebook Bag

MD Notebook Bag

A bag designed especially for the MD Notebook,
for those who just want to carry the bare necessities

There are all kinds of bags for carrying the things you need, from tote bags to backpacks. But there have been hardly any bags just for your stationery…until now.

The new MD Notebook Bag holds your MD Notebook, pen and smartphone – just the things you need for writing, nothing more.

This bag is made with the same spirit as the MD Notebook itself, where all unnecessary bells and whistles are stripped away to achieve the ultimate simplicity.

MD Notebook Bag

MD Notebook Bag + MD Notebook

MD Notebook Bag is crafted from the same tanned goat leather as MD Notebook Cover. At first it’s a cool, pale beige but through sunlight and ongoing use, the color darkens little by little.

The added enjoyment provided by this change over time is just another part of the MD PAPER PRODUCTS philosophy.

MD Notebook Bag

MD Notebook Bag + MD Notebook Light (Set of 3 Notebooks)

MD Notebook Bag

MD Notebook Bag + MD Notebook Bag + MD Notebook Light

MD Notebook Bag

MD Notebook Bag + MD Notebook Light + Tablet

As mobile devices become more and more advanced, less stationery is needed to get work done. If you have a smartphone, a notebook and a pen, you’ve got just about everything you need.

In response to this trend, the vertical rectangular MD Notebook Bag has robust pockets to hold a smartphone and two pens.

MD Notebook Bag comes in two designs: a vertical rectangular type that will hold everything you need and an ultra-minimalist horizontal rectangular type for those who only need a notebook and one pen.

Both types can hold MD Notebook or MD Notebook Light in all sizes up to A5.

Designed for simplicity, this bag allows you to use your notebook even more freely.

If a notebook and pen is all the stationery you need, or you just love the MD Notebook, the MD Clear Notebook Bag is for you.

Whether you want a better way to store your notebook or you want to prevent the cover from being damaged, this no-frills cover is the answer.


Goat Leather Bag

MD Goat Leather Bag [A5] Horizontal


MD Goat Leather Bag [A5] Vertical


Clear Bag

MD Notebook Bag PVC [A5] Horizontal


MD Notebook Bag PVC [A4] Horizontal



Goat Leather Bag A5 Horizontal A5 Vertical
Size H180×W250×D4mm H230×W190×D5mm
Weight approx.150g approx.160g
Material / Specifications Goat leather (No coloring、Vegetable tanning) / MADE IN PAKISTAN
*Scientific name of Goat Leather is "Caper"

*“MD Goat leather notebook bag” is made from a single piece of leather so that it can fit the notebook well. Although scratches and unevenness peculiar to leather can be noticed on the back surface, we intentionally try not to color or add a lining so that the cover is finished simply. These scratches and unevenness will not be a problem in normal use; please enjoy the natural texture of the leather itself.

Clear Bag A5 Horizontal A4 Horizontal
Size H167×W238×D2mm H229×W315×D2mm
Weight approx.29g approx.55g
Material / Specifications PVC (Transparent vinyl)