Who is “Ojisan”?

“Ojisan” debuted in Midori’s 1995 Pocket Diary.
Back then, lovely animals were the mainstream of product characters.
The “apathetic” human character named “Ojisan” appeared out of the blue, against the trend.
His one-of-a-kind look and lovable behavior have won him countless fans.

Age…He does not want you to know. Favorite pastime…Cooking and cycling Latest “in” things…Yoga, and some other things. Favorite foods…Noodles
Ojisan’s house and favorite bike
Type of dog (left)…Hybrid “Shiba”(a Japanese breed of small dogs). Type of dog (right)…Hybrid beagle. Before he knew it, the two settled down in “Ojisan”’s home

Memory of “Ojisan”

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