ABOUT “Chotto”

“Chotto” ‐The little things that make something special

The Japanese word “chotto” has lots of meanings. It can mean “little” or “slight,” “casually” or “simply.”

Wrapping a little (Chotto) gift or present…
Throwing a casual (Chotto) party at home…
Having a small (Chotto) celebration to mark a special day…
It’s the little (Chotto) things that make something special and show your gratitude.

Relaunching Petit Gift Market as Chotto

We launched the “Origami Origami” range of paper products for women in 2010, initially featuring designs inspired by Paris.
As “Origami Origami” broadened its horizons, the range grew to include items that were ideally suited to wrapping small gifts or presents, including gift bags with transparent panels and rolls of stickers. We began sharing fun ideas for using items alongside products from “Paper Craft Museum” in stores, at events and online under the name “Petit Gift Market.”

In September 2016, we are relaunching the range and changing the name from “Petit Gift Market” to “Chotto.” Combining “Origami Origami” with items for wrapping and a whole host of other products, we intend to offer an even wider variety of options with “Chotto.”

*We have relaunched “Paper Craft Museum” as a range of items to brighten up special days in people’s lives, available to suit any situation.

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