Let’s contrive a new way of gift-wrapping

“Origami Origami”­ ­­a product part of the “Chotto” brand suggests the “Origami Patchwork,”­ combinations and patterns made by sticking together origami paper like patchwork. They can be used for a wide variety of purposes by freely combining “Origami Origami”­ paper, which comes in four different types of paper and a wide variety of patterns. They can be used to wrap all sorts of items, large or small, by varying the number of origami combined.


Tools: Origami and masking tape

Select the origami paper you want to use and decide how to arrange the sheets.

Turn the sheets of paper upside down so that the reverse side will face up. Tape the sheets together by bringing their sides together.

You can tape them as you like.

They can be used to wrap all sorts of items, large or small, by varying the number of origami combined.

Combination examples

“I don’t know what combination I should choose with Origami Patchwork.” “Do you think a combination of sheets of paper of different colors/patterns/types will look strange?” This section attempts to answer these questions by introducing examples of patterns created by using various combinations of “Origami Origami” to suit different tastes.

Friendly combination

Kraft Dots × Gray Assort Dots

Kraft Check × Kraft Check

Gorgeous combination

Flower Red/Yellow × Gray Assort Dots

Watercolor Flower Red × Watercolor Border

Calm combination

Watercolor Triangle × Watercolor Diamond

Watercolor Forest × Gray Star

Pop combination

Watercolor Dots × Watercolor Tile

Windmill × Flower Red/Yellow

Chic combination

Kraft Dots × Kraft Dots

Kraft Assortment Black × Kraft Assortment Black

Fresh combination

Watercolor Ore × Watercolor Forest

Watercolor Dots × Watercolor Water Surface

Try creating your own original “Origami Patchwork !”

Are you familiar with “Origami Patchwork ?” If yes, why don’t you take next step up and try create your own original “Origami Patchwork ?” Here are some tips for having more fun with “Origami Patchwork.”

The following are the key points of making a patchwork with your own original combinations of “Origami Origami.”

  1. Combine patterns (such as dots and dots/stripes and stripes).
  2. Use similar colors (reds and pinks).
  3. Use similar types of paper (such as kraft and kraft gray).

Following these key points will enable you to create a unified patchwork pattern.
Or without any rules, random arrangements of different patterns – such as a combination of floral patterns, dots, and stripes, which may sound surprising – will also make a lovely patchwork!

If you want to further apply your imagination, you can combine sheets of origami paper cut vertically in quarters, those cut in quarters both vertically and horizontally, or the similar small pieces to have fun creating your own original and beautiful patchwork.

A sheet of origami paper vertically cut in quarters

A sheet of origami paper cut both vertically and horizontally in quarters

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