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We have posted a report on the special MIDORI 70th anniversary event held in Japan.

A special event was held at Spiral in Aoyama, Tokyo to celebrate the 70th anniversary of MIDORI. Under the theme of “Discovery”, the event featured a variety of content, including a 70-year history of MIDORI, an exhibition of delicate miniatures of a wide range of items from paper products to functional stationery, the features of MIDORI’s 70 best products, and a workshop where visitors could experience letterpress printing.

  • The concept of the exhibition space was based on a “MIDORI forest”, where visitors could feel the light like sunlight filtering through the trees.

  • There was a large tree at the venue. The paper that represented leaves swayed in the air, creating an atmosphere as if the sun was shining through the trees.

MIDORI's 70 best products

This exhibit featured 70 long-selling MIDORI products with information on what makes them so great. Many visitors took the time to look at each item carefully.

  • How to use and arrange the products were also introduced.

  • Letter paper from the “Kami Series” that evoke the changing of the seasons.

MIDORI's Craftsmanship

By disassembling and displaying the process of making products such as diaries, Japanese money envelopes, and clips, we were able to show the attention to detail in the manufacturing that is not usually seen. We received a lot of surprised comments from visitors, “I didn’t know products were made with such care and attention”, and so on.

  • The process of creating diaries and memo pads.

  • We introduced many variations of “Mizuhiki“, decorative cords which are hand-tied one by one with care used in Japanese money envelopes.

A bird's eye view of MIDORI

With miniatures of MIDORI products in a wide range of categories, this exhibit gave visitors a bird’s eye view of MIDORI. In celebration of the 70th anniversary, we created 70% scaled-down models, with a total of 583 items that were carefully developed by our designers and producers. The magnets contain small magnets, the scissors contain real blades that can be used, and so on, using the same materials and methods as the actual products as much as possible. The visitors enjoyed taking pictures of the miniatures, which were elaborately finished down to the smallest detail.

  • They were arranged one by one in categories based on themes such as “giving” and “writing”.

  • There was a sample of actual pen writing on a miniature letter paper.

Experience MIDORI

This exhibit took visitors behind the scenes of MIDORI’s Nagareyama Factory, where our products are made. We also held a letterpress printing workshop and the visitors tried our popular letterpress printing by themselves with a hand press machine.

  • The visitors pressed the lever by themselves and printed on the cover of the notebook.

  • The slightly different textures, such as uneven printing, are unique to letterpress printing.

  • Original design prepared for this event.

  • The actual printing plates used in the factory were also displayed.

MIDORI's paper

In this section, visitors tried out five of Designphil’s original types of paper, which are MD PAPER Cream, MD PAPER Cotton, MN paper, DW paper, and Shyunju paper. After trying them all, they voted for their favorite and received a free memo pad created just for this event.

  • Each paper has its characteristics, such as smoothness or the feeling of the nib catching when writing.

  • Products that used each paper were also displayed together.

  • As a result of the voting, the most popular item was the MD PAPER Cream!

  • Limited edition memo pad bound with five different types of the original paper

MIDORI's history

Each step in MIDORI’s 70-year history was chronicled in a timeline on a wall, including an exclusive look at items that were no longer sold.

  • MIDORI’s history on the sloped wall

  • We received the visitor’s voices such as “I used to use this!” and “I miss this!”.

  • Ojisan saw the visitors off at the exit, representing “70”.

Pop up store

A limited time store was opened for the event, selling limited edition items of the 70th anniversary.

  • The store window was designed with MIDORI items.

  • 70th anniversary limited edition and MIDORI’s regular items are sold.

Please click here for a video report of the event.