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The XS (Extra Small) stationery series aims to be both highly functional and highly portable

As its name implies it is the smallest class of stationery in the world. Despite its small size, this series is surprisingly comfortable to use. The compactness of the XS series makes them easy to store and ensures they fit in perfectly with your lifestyle.

The longest is just 76 mm, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. And of course they’ll easily fit into your pocket.

All items are available in either black, white, pink, or blue. The logos on these items are a metallic color designed to match the color of the items themselves. (Black: gold, white: silver, pink: metallic pink, blue: metallic blue)

Tape Dispenser

Miniature-size tape dispenser

This is a miniature-size tape dispenser containing a 5 m roll of 12 mm wide cellophane tape. Despite its extremely small size, it is user-friendly since there is enough space to lift the edge of the roll with a finger. When not in use, it can be kept closed, so it is easy to carry without the tape getting dirty or damaged. The front part is transparent, allowing the amount of tape remaining to be seen at a glance. A special processing blade cuts the tape cleanly without the use of force.

Line Up

  • XS Tape Dispenser Black

  • XS Tape Dispenser White

  • XS Tape Dispenser Pink

  • XS Tape Dispenser Blue

  • XS Tape Dispenser Refill

XS Tape Dispenser
Package: H116 x W52 x D20mm [PET (with a hook whole+Paper case) ] / Tape Dispenser: (Close) H25.5 x W56 x D18mm (Open) H25.5 x W86 x D18mm [Polycarbonate+Stainless] Refill Tape: 12mm x 5m

Correction Tape

The clear head makes it easy to see where the tape will go

Weighing just 6 grams and with a length of just 50 mm, this 5 mm correction tape dispenser contains 4.2 meters of small, but high quality tape. The clear head makes it easy to see where the tape will go. The front of the dispenser is clear to make it easy to see how much tape is left. This dispenser is small but fits comfortably in the hand.

Line Up

  • XS Correction Tape Black

  • XS Correction Tape White

  • XS Correction Tape Pink

  • XS Correction Tape Blue

XS Correction Tape
Package: H116 x W52 x D12.5mm [PET (with a hook whole+Paper case) ] / Correction Tape: H50 x W17.5 x D11.5mm [Polycarbonate+POM+ABS] 5mm x 4.2m (Disposable)

Glue Tape

Accurate Dot-type Glue Tape

This dot-type glue tape dispenser is easy to hold and has high accuracy when cutting the tape. The front of the dispenser is clear to make it easy to see how much tape is left.

Line Up

  • XS Glue Tape Black

  • XS Glue Tape White

  • XS Glue Tape Pink

  • XS Glue Tape Blue

XS Glue Tape
Package: H116 x W52 x D15mm [Hooking Type PET Box + Paper Cardboard] / Dispenser: H25 x W55.5 x D13.5mm [Polycarbonate + POM + Rubber Band construction] 5mm x 8m (Disposable)

Compact Scissors

Blades store away at the touch of a button! Small, but cuts well

Features a locking function to ensure blades are not extended/retracted at the wrong time. Despite the size of these blades, their cutting ability is first-class. You can even cut cardboard using the tips. These scissors are small but highly functional.

Line Up

  • XS Compact Scissors Black

  • XS Compact Scissors Whte

  • XS Compact Scissors Pink

  • XS Compact Scissors Blue

XS Compact Scissors
Package: H158 x W78 x D18mm [Hooking Type PET Box + Paper Cardboard] / Scissors: (Close) H76 x W19 x D16mm (Open) H108 x W72.5 x D16mm / Handle: Polycarbonate + POM / Blade: Stainless


Fits perfectly in the hand, making it easy to use. Can be used with either hand!

These box cutters feature both a clip and a tool to remove used portions of the blade. This product’s universal design means that the direction of the blade can be changed to suit left-handed or right-handed use.

Line Up

  • XS Cutter Black

  • XS Cutter White

  • XS Cutter Pink

  • XS Cutter Blue

XS Cutter
Package: H116 x W52 x D13mm [Hooking Type PET Box + Paper Cardboard] / Cutter: H15 x W69 x D11mm [Polycarbonate + POM] / Blade: SK-2 Steel material


Finally a foldable stapler!

This stapler folds simply by sliding the metal section on the inside. This long-selling item has been revised multiple times since it was first introduced for sale. It also includes a handy staple remover and is able to staple up to 10 sheets of photocopy paper.

Line Up

  • XS Stapler Black

  • XS Stapler White

  • XS Stapler Pink

  • XS Stapler Blue

XS Stapler
Package: H116 x W52 x D15.5mm [Hooking Type PET Box + Paper Cardboard] / Stapler: H21 x W66 x D14.5mm [Polycarbonate + POM] with a remover


Only 11 mm thick, with easy to see black and white markings!

The body of this tape measure is just 11 mm thick, but contains 1.5 meters of glass fiber tape (to resist bending and kinks).
To ensure that the markings on the tape are easy to see, they change between black and white every 10 cm. This tape measure also features a hook for a strap, making it easy to carry.
※ Measures in centimeters.

Line Up

  • XS Measure Black

  • XS Measure White

  • XS Measure Pink

  • XS Measure Blue

XS Measure <1.5m>
Package: H116 x W52 x D12mm [Hooking Type PET Box + Paper Cardboard] / Measure: H38 x W38 x D11mm [PVC + Glass Fiber] / Case: Polycarbonate + PP