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“hibino” 2-page-per-day notebook
(“hibino” 2025 is coming soon)

For those who want to fully enjoy daily record-keeping
Diary hibino
Diary hibino
Diary hibino

“hibino” is a planner, a diary, and a notebook.
It takes in all of your emotions and thoughts to record “your day”.


  • The cover is accented by elegant foil stamping

  • Daily "2 pages per day" for plenty of writing

  • 24-hour vertical and weather icons for easy lifelogging

  • 2.5mm ruled format for easy drawing of illustrations and diagrams

  • Monthly block page to keep track of appointments at a glance

  • Future Log where you can write down your monthly goals and appointments

How to use

  • Diary hibino

It can be used in a variety of ways to suit your lifestyle

The usage examples shown were created by our employees for this feature.

You can find various ways to use it on the MIDORI Instagram.

“techoutime”, a YouTube channel for communicating about notebooks and stationery,
has introduced how to use the system.

*The “hibino” shown in this video uses “Tomoe River paper”.
The writing instruments and stamps tested in the video have the same level of performance as “Tomoe River S paper”.


Product size: H152 x W115 x D28mm
Cover: PVC, Gold foil stamping
Diary: Tomoe River S Paper, Thread binding, with 2 Bookmark strings
Contents: Total 768pages / Annual calendar, Monthly block (2023/12~2025/1), 2-page daily schedule (2024/1~2024/12), Future log pages, Memo page


We use “Tomoe River S paper”. It is thin and light, and is the most suitable journal paper for writing.

※From the 2024 edition, “Tomoe River paper” used in the hibino will be renewed to “Tomoe River S paper”. The production of “Tomoe River paper” has been discontinued by Tomoegawa Co., and the production has been succeeded by Sanzen Paper Company. Sanzen Paper Company has been able to replicate the writing performance, thinness, lightness, and other ink qualities for “Tomoe River S paper”.


Approx. 322g (book only)

The spine design has changed.

The paper for the text has been changed to Tomoe River S paper.

No, it does not have an additional cover. It has a PVC cover that is integrated with the text.