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Paintable Stamp

Decorate your life with these fun stamps

These stamps are a fun and easy way to decorate your stationery—just stamp the page and color in the stamp with water-based markers that won’t smudge the ink.
Whether you’re chronicling your life in a notebook or diary or adding that extra touch to a sticky note or message card, our Paintable Stamps will brighten up ordinary days and special occasions alike.
In addition to the stamps themselves, the Paintable Stamp range includes specially designed colored pens, notebooks and other stationery to use with them.

Paintable Stamp Rotating Design

This rotating stamp is a fun and easy way to decorate your stationery. Turn the dial to choose from a variety of designs, then stamp the page and admire the intricate picture.

Video (with sound)


  • Turn the dial to choose a design

    All stamps have 10 designs except the 12 Months stamp and the Days of the Week and Weather stamp, which have 12.

  • Color in the stamps to make your own unique decorations

    Turn the stamps into colorful decorations by coloring them in with water-based markers. The stamps are specially designed so that they won’t smudge when colored.

  • Ink

    Each stamp comes with an inkpad with enough ink for around 2,000 uses. The ink can be refilled using our Ink Refills (sold separately).

  • Case for Rotating Stamp (sold separately)

    A dedicated case that fits the Paintable Stamp Rotating Design. The stackable case is made with translucent material, allowing you to see the design of the stamp at a glance.


  • Flower

  • Ribbon

  • New Daily Life

  • Daily Life Record

  • Motif Speech Bubble

  • Gift Message

  • 12 Months

  • Days of the Week and Weather

  • List

  • Message English

  • Animal Speech Bubble

  • Cat

  • Motif

  • Plant

  • Refill Ink Black

  • Case for Paintable Rotating Stamp

Package: H160×W85×D28mm [PET]
Stamp: H76×W44×D26mm [Body: ABS + POM + Polycarbonate + Spring steel / Stamp Face: Rubber / Ink pad: ABS + Urethane]

Paintable Stamp Rotating Date

The Paintable Stamp Rotating Date combines an office vibe with cute designs. Oil-based pigment is used for the ink so that it won’t smudge when you color in the stamps with water-based markers.


  • Decorate your stationery

    Stamp dates in your notebook for a DIY diary or turn sticky notes into date-stamped confirmation slips at work.

  • Gift cards, expiry date labels and more

    Add dates such as birthdays and anniversaries to gift cards, create handmade expiry date labels for food…there’s no end to what you can do with this handy stamp.

  • Use with our accessories for even more fun

    Turn stamps into works of art by using our Color Pens for Paintable Stamp to color them in. These water-based pens are designed not to smudge or bleed through the page. For an even wider range of ways to enjoy this stamp, use it together with our Paintable Stamp Pre-inked or our Paintable Stamp Rotating Design.


  • Cat

  • Animal

  • Frame

  • Flower

  • Stationery

  • Animal Speech Bubble

  • Date part (common in all designs)

Package: H182 x W108 x D39mm [PET]
Stamp: H104 x W60 x D38mm [Body: ABS + POM + Thermoplastic Polyurethane + Polycarbonate + Spring steel + Screw steel / Stamp Face: Rubber / Ink pad: ABS + Urethane, Oil-based pigment-based black ink]

Date and 12 symbols

Paintable Stamp Pre-Inked

Whether you’re chronicling your life in a notebook or diary or decorating sticky notes or message cards, our pre-inked Paintable Stamp is a great way to do it. Just stamp the page and admire the intricate picture.

Video (with sound)


  • How to get the best picture

    Take off the cap, place the stamp flat on the paper and push it down with both hands. You can make a darker stamp by pushing harder or holding the stamp down for longer. The picture is around 50mm high x 50mm wide.
    Be sure to test the stamp first, as it may bleed through the page depending on how hard or how long you press it.

  • Your own unique decorations

    Use water-based markers to color and write in the pictures you’ve stamped. Try this on our Sticky Notes Choice (sold separately) to create your own unique sticky notes.

  • Stack and store

    These stamps are stackable for compact storage so that they don’t take up too much space when you’re not using them.

  • Ink

    This stamp has a built-in ink supply with enough ink for around 1,000 uses. The ink can be refilled using our Ink Refills (sold separately).


  • Health Management

  • Going-Out Record

  • Exercise

  • Take-Out

  • To Do List

  • Clock

  • My Favorite

  • Shopping List

  • Menu

  • Planning

  • Going Out

  • Habit Tracker

  • Goat

  • Money

  • Book

  • Cat

  • Stationery

  • Bird

  • Calendar

  • Wreath

  • Telephone

  • Refill Ink Black

Package: H160×W85×D20mm [PET]
Stamp: H61×W61×D19mm [Case: ABS / Stamp face: PE, Oil-based pigment ink, Black]

Notebook for Paintable Stamp

This notebook is specially designed to be used with our stamps. Use our Paintable Stamp Rotating Design or Paintable Stamp Pre-inked in this notebook to have even more fun chronicling your life.


  • This notebook has thick pages so that the ink of the stamp won’t bleed through. The cover has a folded section that can be placed between pages to prevent ink from rubbing onto the page next to it or to mark your place.

  • The pages are large enough to fit four pictures from the Paintable Stamp Pre-Inked and have an understated 2mm grid that provides a guide without interfering with the picture. Use the triangular guides printed on the pages to align the stamp neatly.

  • The notebook is ring bound so that the pages lie flat for easy stamping. There are no rings in the center so that you can rest your fingers there while stamping. The texture paper and color of the cover complement the crafty style of the stamps.

  • With an easy-to-carry size, this notebook is ideal for stamp rallies at tourist attractions, stations and events.


  • Notebook for Stamp Yellow

  • Notebook for Stamp Green

  • Notebook for Stamp Blue

  • Notebook for Stamp Brown

Package: H154×W157×D14mm
Notebook: H150mm×W152mm×D14mm [Cover: Paper, Foil stamping / Contents: 1 page of title page, 59 pages, 2mm grid ruled]

Color Pens for Paintable Stamp

A set of 6 colored pens to turn stamps into beautiful decorations. Each pen has an original soft color developed to complement the designs of the stamps from the Paintable Stamp Rotating Design and Paintable Stamp Pre-Inked, and there’s a color to suit every mood.


  • Moods are the theme of the beautiful, mix-and-matchable colors in this set—no matter what your mood, there’s a color to suit it.
    The original water-based pigment is designed to color the stamps beautifully without smudging the ink of the stamps or bleeding through the page.

  • Choose from three sets of six colors: enjoy the elegant, soothing colors of the Relax set, get a mood boost from the Positive set or give your stamps a funky look with the Happy set. All of the colors are designed to complement the designs of the stamps.

  • The pens have two different tips—choose the 0.5mm ballpoint pens if you want to write in your stamps or go for the brush tips if you want to color them in.

  • The top of the case can be folded back and fastened to the back of the box to make a pen stand.


  • Color Pens for Paintable Stamp 6pcs Assorted Relax

  • Color Pens for Paintable Stamp 6 pcs Assorted Positive

  • Color Pens for Paintable Stamp 6 pcs Assorted Happy

Package: H162×W63×D12mm
Pen: Φ10×H160mm [Case: PP / Pen: PP, 6 pcs, Water-based pigment ink]

Decoration Crayon

No one is too old to enjoy decorating with crayons, and Decoration Crayons are the ideal way to liven up your journal. The myriad colors create all kinds of patterns from marble to rainbows⁠—you never know what combination you’ll get. Whether you use a diary or a notebook, these newly-developed crayons let you decorate it in your own unique style. Use them together with Paintable Stamps for even more colorful possibilities.


  • There are ten different colors to discover. In addition to neon Pink and Yellow with a pleasant translucent feel, the dual-colored Pink/Orange, Yellow-Green/Green, Light Blue/Blue, Pink/Light Blue, and Yellow-Green/Purple crayons are inlayed with a mosaic of two colors in a single tip, while the Flower Garden, Night Sky and Rainbow crayons let you decorate using colorful marble-like patterns.

  • Decoration Crayons come in a clear holder that keeps your hands clean and makes them easy to carry on the go. To use the crayon, simply push the slider to extend the crayon from the case.

Enjoy even more ways to liven up your diary or notebook by decorating with the unique charm of crayons and adding a vibrant splash of color to stamps.


  • Pink

  • Yellow

  • Pink/Orange

  • Yellow-Green/Green

  • Light Blue/Blue

  • Pink/Light Blue

  • Yellow-Green/Purple

  • Flower Garden

  • Night Sky

  • Rainbow

  • Refill Pink

  • Refill Yellow

  • Refill Pink/Orange

  • Refill Yellow-Green/Green

  • Refill Light Blue/Blue

  • Refill Pink/Light Blue

  • Refill Yellow-Green/Purple

  • Refill Flower Garden

  • Refill Night Sky

  • Refill Rainbow

Package: H140 x W37 x D18mm
Crayon: H71 x W15 x D16mm [Crayon: Talc, Wax, Water soluble resin, Pigment / Holder: PC, POM ]

Refill Package: H90 x W25 x D13mm
Refill Crayon: H50 x W7 x D7mm

Sticky Note Choice

A round-cornered pad with three types of sticky notes.
The pages are the perfect size for stamps from the Paintable Stamp Pre-Inked—stamp them to create your own unique sticky notes.


  • This sticky note pad has an assortment of great paper—30 sheets of quality paper, 20 sheets of craft paper and 20 sheets of tracing paper.

  • The glue is designed so that sheets can be removed easily from each section, so that you can use the three types of paper in any order. The round corners add a relaxed vibe to the simple, user-friendly design.

  • With three types of paper, there’s something for every occasion—use the quality paper for messages and notes, make messages for gifts with the craft paper and put the tracing paper on top of a map or the pages of a book and trace the parts you need.

  • Use the Paintable Stamp Pre-Inked with this pad to create your own custom-designed sticky notes. (Note: use the quality paper and craft paper for stamping. The tracing paper cannot absorb stamp ink.)


  • Sticky Notes Choice Plain

  • Sticky Notes Choice Pink

  • Sticky Notes Choice Green

  • Sticky Notes Choice Blue

Package: H112×W76×D8mm
Sticky Notes: H70×W70×D7mm [70 sheets, Fine paper 30 + Craft paper 20 + Tracing paper 20]