Colorful notebooks of size <A5>, designed after "macaroons".

Bright, pop colors and gentle texture, in addition to their lovely round shapes? lovely sweets, namely macaroons, inspired the making of this series of notebooks, designed especially for women.
Six colors are available in all. And all of them remind you of the corresponding macaroon's flavor and color? the "pink" one of raspberry (framboise), the "yellow" of passion, the "yellow green" of pistachio, the "blue green" of salt, the "purple" of cassis, and the "brown" of chocolate.
The inside sheets also carry a chosen color, a paler version of the cover color, to facilitate writing ? just like a macaroon's colorful dough contains some cream of a pale color. The title space on the front cover, whose embossed gold foil really stands out, is in the shape of a macaroon. Thus, every detail has been carefully designed.
The notebooks come in "A5" size, which is easy to carry along. The horizontal lines are printed every 6.5mm (1/4 inch), and each notebook contains 56 pages. You can use notebooks of different colors for different schools, in school or in night courses for working people. These are lovely notebooks for your everyday use.

Pink, Yellow, Yellow green, Blue green, Purple, Brown