SECRETSTICKY NOTES : Fold it to cover up your message. Also, you can paste it and remove it. Brand-new messaging sticky notes.


Easy to use, and a lot of fun!
These brand-new sticky notes carry
your message as a "secret."

In the office, you find it tough to talk about personal issues. Even there, these newly released Secret Sticky Notes carry your personal messages in a humorous way.
Each Secret Sticky Note is a long piece with a cut on one edge. Fold the Sticky Note into two, and insert one edge into the cut. Your written message is now covered up. This way, even in the office, you can send some "secret" messages, like invitation or information for a drinking party. Also, when you return something you borrowed, you can write "Thank you!" on the sticky note, and paste it onto the thing you are returning. Or the sticky note can carry a nice message to accompany a present.
Each type of Secret Sticky Note has its illustrations ? faces painted on the sticky notes. The section where you write the recipient’s name also features a design that fits the illustration. These Sticky Notes are quite tempting ? the recipient should find it fun to open up the sticky note and read the message. A communication tool that really gets it across.

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Set to the keynote of "stories," this features animals from good ol’ fairy tales and nursery rhymes to carry your messages.

Mustache, Glasses, Afro, Pompador, Smile, Kiss