Open up the folded sticky notes to open
up the world of stories!
Series II of Secret Sticky Notes, which
cover up your messages.

We have launched Series II of the hot seller, Secret Sticky Notes.
The new series has been designed to the keynote of "stories." Animals taken out of good ol’ fairy tales and nursery rhymes carry your messages.
From "Town Musicians of Bremen," the hard-working donkey carrying flowers. From "Three Little Pigs," the pigs. From "Le Chat Botte," the cat. The "Blue Bird" design features the little blue bird believed to bring you happiness. The goat design came from the Japanese nursery song, "Yagisan Yubin" (The Goat Mailman) ? "The white goat ate the letter up, before he read it." And the bear design was from the famous song, "The Other Day, I Met a Bear." With each and every one of the six designs, the Sticky shows different illustrations when opened and when folded, for fun.
They are nice sticky notes to carry short, quick messages in the office. They can serve as gift cards as well for personal occasions. And you can find more uses.

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Set to the keynote of "faces," this first series of sticky notes feature humorous face illustrations to accompany your messages.

Robber, Pig, Cat, Bird, Goat, Bear