Thickness Ruler. CL Thickness Ruler

  • The Thickness Ruler can measure the thickness of objects 0.1 mm to 120 mm in size.

  • It can also measure depth using the scale markings that start from the edge of the ruler.

  • This ruler is great for measuring parts used in DIY projects and handcrafts.

  • Because it is made of acrylic, the ruler can measure delicate objects such as plants without damaging them.

The product's story
The CL Thickness Ruler measures the thickness of objects in 0.1 mm increments, such as three-dimensional parts used for making accessories, screws used in DIY projects, and light bulbs for household use, all of which are difficult to measure in everyday life. It is a 15 cm ruler for daily use with an added function, something that was only available in professional tools. This functional ruler is great for a variety of occasions, ranging from DIY projects and handcrafts to children's research projects such as recording the growth of plants.

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Foldable rulers. CL Multiple Ruler <16cm><30cm><50cm>

  • The 50cm (20-inch) ruler spans an "A3"-sized sheet with ease.

  • Some of the CL Multi Rulers have holes in them, every 1cm (2/5 inch), so you can make marking dots on paper (*1).

  • The ruler "clicks" every 15 degrees. You can measure angles with the scale in the middle.

  • The central section has an antiskid ring on it, to make the ruler resistant to slip while you are using it.

The product's story
Rulers are long and often hard to carry with you, yet CL Multi Rulers fold down to half length. They come in three lengths: the <16cm> ruler (stretched length) can rest nicely within your chest pocket, when folded. The <30cm> ruler can be contained neatly in a pen case, again when folded. The <50cm> ruler, when stretched, can easily span an "A3"-sized sheet. When folded, they stay neatly inside a bag or a desk drawer. Also, the scale of the <16cm> ruler begins at the very end of the ruler, so it lets you measure three-dimensional objects, like depth or height, with ease.
Two of the rulers have holes every 1cm, so you can make marking dots. These are handy when you want to make some tiny marks on your notebook or draw some lines.
(*1) Only the <16cm> and <30cm> rulers have marking holes.
(*2) Only the 50cm ruler has the antiskid ring.
  • CL Multiple Ruler <16cm>

  • CL Multiple Ruler <30cm>

  • CL Multiple Ruler <50cm>

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Rulers with easy-to-read scales – regardless of what color the sheet beneath the ruler is. CL Ruler <15cm>

  • Press on the ruler's end, and the ruler comes up – easy to hold.

  • Each CL Ruler has two scales, printed in dark and bright colors. No matter how dark or bright the sheet below is, one of the two scales comes up easily legible.

The product's story
Both ends of the CL Ruler are cut obliquely, so you can take hold of the ruler with ease. The scales are in a sawtooth shape, zigzagging every 5mm (1/5 inch), so you can read the measurement at a glance. The two scales are printed in dark and bright colors, so they are easily legible whether the ruler is on a dark or bright-colored sheet. In addition, the ruler has marking dots every 1cm (2/5 inch). With these holes, you can make marks to help you draw long, straight lines.

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Black on white, then white on black --- an easily legible scale Minimal-sized measures of glass fiber. CL Mini Tape Measure <1.5m>

  • The scale turns between black-on-white and white-on-black every 10cm (4 inches), for easy reading.

  • The back of the tape has a "vertical" scale on it, to let you measure heights with ease.

The product's story
A very compact measure you can easily carry along with you - only around 4cm (1.6 inches) height x 4cm width. The measuring tape is 1.5m (5 feet) long. The measure has a hole to attach a strap, which makes the measure even easier to carry along. The tape is of glass fiber, resistant to winding curls and stretching. The end tab of the tape is designed to "click" onto the container's opening.