P-51 clips. Paper Clips

Paper clips made of paper, in pop, pastel colors. Add them to cards and prints, to make them more friendly and communicative.

Not Plastic. Not wire. Animal-shaped paper clips of 51% paper mixed with resin. This new material has made the unique matte colors of the clips possible ? they look just like some marshmallows. The assortment of six colors is fun, and the clips have a light, smooth feel on your finger tips. In short, they are something radically different from traditional paper clips. Of course, each P-51 clip binds sheets together tightly ? for instance, 10 sheets of copier paper or so. Moreover, add one to a greeting card or a gift in place of a ribbon or decorative tape, to better convey your feelings and intentions to the recipient.


Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Pig, Elephant, Bird, Crocodile, Turtle

Package Eight types available in all / Each package contains 18 clips (Assorted 6 colors x 3 pcs, in paper pack) Made of MAPKA, a synthetic resin containing paper powder * . * This new material is classified as a paper product, since it consists of 51% paper and 49% polypropylene.