ZIPPER BAG. Handy Zipper Bags to make storing fun

Double fasteners provide a complete seal

Already long cherished by many with scenes of their everyday life, our Zipper Bags now come in six designs and four different sizes, all carrying a Scandinavian design. Each bag has double zippers (fasteners) which make a complete seal, protecting what is inside the bag from dirt and moisture. This means you can keep snacks and other foods in a Zipper Bag as well. The four sizes available range from A7, which neatly holds cards and shopping receipts, to A4, which can hold even thick stuff like documents and children’s clothes.The bags are, after all, for plain, everyday use ? that is why we chose the lovely, colorful designs. Why not brighten up your everyday with those Zipper Bags?

Zipper Bags

Graphics created by designers of Sweden, Scandinavia

These handy bags come in colorful designs to brighten up your "storage". The designs are created by Edholm Ullenius, a Swedish design unit, renowned for its cheerful Scandinavian coloring.

Four sizes available for a great variety of uses

Size A7

Cards, shopping receipts, rubber bands, postage stamps, and --- you often want to classify these little things and keep them neat. Well, this Size A7 can be the right solution. Also, the bag is handy for collecting small fees at a gathering.

Size A7 For shopping cards,name cards, etc.

  • To collect fees
  • Postage stamps

Size B6

The right size to keep shopping receipts, which soon pile up. The bag can also hold medicine you often take with you on trips, band-aids, masks, photos, postcards, etc.

B6 For photos, postcards, etc.

  • Receipts
  • Masks, medicines

Size B5

The right size for you to keep pens, staplers, other stationery items or snacks in order. The bag is also very helpful when you take some baby food out with you.

B5 Letter sheets, envelopes, tickets, etc.

  • Snacks
  • Baby food

Size A4

Large enough to hold documents you don't want to get wet in the rain, a child's change of clothes or a towel, diapers, wet towels, etc. The bag lets you carry them around with no problem.

A4 For documents, pamphlets, etc.

  • Diapers, wipers
  • Changing clothes

Take each bag out of its packaging box with the same design.

Whenever you need a Zipper Bag, just take one out of its package - just like you do with tissue. The package carries the same lovely design as the bags inside it. It brightens up your room, desk, kitchen, and so on!

  • On the back-side label, use an oil-ink felt-tip pen to write down what's inside, the date, etc.

  • Feel the "bubble" sensation as you shut up the double fasteners - and the complete seal they provide.


Available in four sizes × six designs : The bags comply with the standard specified by Japan’s Food Sanitation Act. / A7 30 Bags, B6 20 Bags, B5 15 Bags, A4 10 Bags / Kitchen, Bird, Letter, Brick, Flower, Forest

- Keep the bags out of reach of children. If a child puts his/her head in a bag, it can cover up the nose and mouth and cause choking.
- Do not bend or deform the fasteners. Once deformed, they might be unable to seal the bag.
- Do not put liquid in the bag. Liquid might leak.
- Do not use in microwave or other ovens.
- Keep the bags away from fire.
- Do not put a sharp object in the bag. It can break the bag.
- The bags are not intended to be a toy.
- Never let a child under the age of six use the bags.
[Instructions to use]
- Press the bag to remove the air inside. Then, press the fasteners tightly with fingers, end-to-end, to seal the bag tightly.
- The bags might carry some smell remaining from polyethylene processing. The smell does not mean any harm to humans.