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【New Products】New rotating date stamp in the Paintable Stamp range!

Our Paintable Stamp Rotating Design has won hearts with its handwritten-looking designs that provide an easy way to decorate stationery. Released in 2020, the stamp has sparked the imaginations of users, resulting in all kinds of one-of-a-kind creations. The oil-based pigment of the ink is designed to be colored in with water-based markers to create beautiful decorations. Our new rotating date stamp is ideal for notebooks and organizers, combining dates with a variety of frames.

An additional dial is included with 12 symbols—add a symbol related to the weather, events, anniversaries, birthdays, travel, records, moods or checks, or leave it blank so that you can add text such as the year or “Best before”. (Note that the picture around the outside is fixed and cannot be changed.)

This stamp comes in 6 designs—the Cat, Forest Animal and Frame designs are full pictures, while the Flower, Stationery and Animal Speech Bubble stamps are designed to be written in. Stamp dates like birthdays, anniversaries and the dates of vacations and events in a fun way that makes your notebook or organizer look beautiful.

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[Product Name] Paintable Stamp Rotating Date
[Material / Specification] Body: ABS + POM + Thermoplastic Polyurethane + Polycarbonate + Spring steel + Screw steel
Stamp Face: Rubber, Date + 12 symbols / Ink pad: ABS + Urethane, Oil-based pigment-based black ink
[Pattern] Cat / Forest Animal / Frame / Flowers / Stationery / Animal Speech Bubble …6 patterns
[Size] H104×W60×D38mm